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Relieving Anxiety

Relieving Anxiety

We live in a noisy world filled with tension. Relaxing is not something that is easy for all of us. Some of us have never experienced it. Some of us have forgotten what it feels like to be relaxed and how to make yourself relaxed.

This program has the potential to help the listener learn how to relax again. How anxiety works, along with an in-depth relaxation session guided by Dr. Joseph McCoy and additional instruction on how to use your memory of being deeply relaxed to fight anxiety and tension.

This CD is produced with the hope that you will find it helpful and perhaps even prevent you from needing to seek out the services of a mental-health professional. Even if you require the services of a professional mental health provider, this CD can be a great adjunct to those services. In addition many people have found this CD helpful in dealing with the common stresses and strains of everyday life or just refining their ability to create calm in the midst of chaos at any given moment.
It is my hope that peace will become a more regular part of your life and that this may be but one tool to help you achieve and maintain peace.

Dr. Joseph McCoy, PhD
Licensed Psychologist

  • Background music written, performed, and CD produced by Joel Duffield copyright 2009.

  • Introduction with Dr. McCoy

  • Anxiety 101

  • The Deep Relaxation Procedure

  • Using Your Deep Relaxation Experience

  • Message to the Concerned Christian Listener

  • Disclaimer