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You will be able to download a zip file that includes the cd tracks in mp3 format and the coverart.
Any device that supports the mp3 format. This includes the ipod, zune and most cell phones. You may need to download to PC first and then transfer to your device, depending on its ability to interface with CDBaby.
The downloads are provided in mp3 format.


Many of my patients have found it helpful to use these techniques in conjunction with other pain management treatment. I thought the first patient with chronic pain that I taught this technique to found this very unhelpful, and she discharged herself from the hospital and went home resigned to live the rest of her life in her wheelchair.

A couple months later I saw her in the outpatient physical therapy department walking with a cane. She came over to me and thanked me for making the tape (now CD or MP3), and that when she decided to not just sit in her wheelchair in pain any more, she used it to help her get through physical therapy and to walk again. Yes her foot was still in great pain, but she had learned how to ignore the pain and not need as much medication to cope with the pain as she became more functional in her day-to-day life.

Enjoy! Sincerely, Dr. Joseph McCoy, PhD
Licensed Psychologist